Table Tennis Rules: Singles vs. Doubles

Table tennis is a popular sport that can be played by two or four players. Learn about how singles and doubles differ in terms of rules and equipment.

Table Tennis Rules: Singles vs. Doubles

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a popular sport that can be played by two or four players. While the essential equipment is similar for both singles and doubles, the rules of the game differ in several ways. In singles, all you have to do is hit the ball so that it goes over the net and hits half of the opponent's table. In doubles, however, the ball has to reach the right field of half of the opponent.

Individual table tennis is played with 11 points, while doubles are played with 15 or 21 points. For doubles, you must serve on the right sides of each half of the table with the ball bouncing once on each side. If the ball lands on the line, it is counted as inside, and if you don't comply with this rule, you lose the point. The doubles game in table tennis requires the server to serve from the right side of the table and also to bounce the ball to that right side, while the second rebound must be on the right side of the receiving table.

As mentioned in this law, the line itself will belong to the right half court, meaning that the serve will be canceled if the ball hits the line on the opponent's side of the table. Generally speaking, the rules of individual table tennis are simpler than those of double table tennis. Since most players prefer singles, it's quite common for them to know some, but not all, of the rules of table tennis doubles. Table tennis for doubles is more complicated than table tennis for singles and has more rules to remember when playing. If either of the two players in a match where there is at least one player in a wheelchair crosses the imaginary center line of the table, the opponent wins the point. Table tennis is a great way to stay active and fit while having fun with friends or family.

Whether you're playing singles or doubles, it's important to familiarize yourself with all of the rules so that you can enjoy a fair and competitive game.