What to Wear When Playing Table Tennis

Learn what type of clothing is best for playing table tennis in a casual or professional setting. Find out what accessories are essential for training and tournaments.

What to Wear When Playing Table Tennis

Table tennis is a precision sport that requires the right clothing for maximum comfort and safety. Depending on the type of game you are playing, the rules for what to wear can vary. In a casual environment, you can wear whatever you find comfortable, but in a professional match, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. Safety is always paramount when playing table tennis.

Long-sleeved clothing should not be worn as it can interfere with the ball or paddle. Colors should be adjusted to ensure maximum visibility of the ball and differentiate opponents. There should be no marks, ornaments or other distractions that could take away from the game. Shoes and socks should be worn to protect from injury and there should be no offensive prints.

When playing professionally, men should wear shorts and women can wear shorts or skirts. A short-sleeved shirt must be worn and pants are only allowed with the referee's permission. It is important to choose the right shoes for the surface you are playing on. Special table tennis shoes designed for rubber floors will not work on hard ceramic floors.

Accessories such as wristwatches are essential for both training and tournaments. The International Table Tennis Federation has set out to renew the image of table tennis and encourage players to wear special clothing such as table tennis shirts and shorts, headbands or socks. Popular table tennis shoes among professional players include Mizuno Wave Drive and Butterfly Lezoline. These shoes work great on surfaces with good grip, but should never be used on hard floors without good grip.