Table Tennis: From 21 Points to 11

Learn about how table tennis rules have changed from 21 points to 11 points and how to play correctly according to official ITTF rules.

Table Tennis: From 21 Points to 11

Table tennis has been a popular sport for many years, but the rules have changed over time. Before 2001, a game was played until the age of 21, with rules similar to those of the current game. However, in 2001, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) changed the rule and now table tennis matches are played with a maximum of 11 points. In table tennis, a point is awarded to a player when the opponent cannot return the ball to his opponent's side of the table.

If both players have 10 points, the first player to gain a 2-point advantage will win the game and, starting from 10 to 10, the server will change every point, instead of every 2 points. If your opponent allows the ball to bounce more than once on their side of the table, they will lose the point. As the ball falls, the player must hit it so that it bounces once in his middle of the table and again on the opponent's side. If you're only playing a game with friends, you can use whatever method you want to decide, but the official rules of table tennis say that it's decided by drawing lots, usually by throwing a coin or a disc with two different sides. If you trim the edge of the table, that's your point, but if you hit one side, it's your opponent's.

If the winner chooses a specific end of the table, his opponent has the option of serving first or having his opponent serve first. However, if the ball touches the net and doesn't bounce off the opponent's side of the table, the server loses the point. These rules are reviewed annually by the ITTF and any changes are normally implemented as of January 1 of the following year, unless another date is specified. Before 2001, when table tennis was played with 21 points, each player had five consecutive serves and double was 20-20. Table tennis is an exciting sport that has evolved over time. The ITTF changed its rules in 2001 to speed up the pace of play and make it more engaging for spectators.

Nowadays, matches are played with 11 points and players must be aware of all rules in order to play correctly.